Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fishing in the Sun! Bullnose Dolphin and more Bull Nose Dolphin

These pictures are actually from the guest, Bill Shumaker, who stayed in the condo the week before us! Wow what a catch for sure!! The boat is Mocko Jumbie with Captain Carl Holley (website is http://www.fishwithcarl.com/). The guy on the right is Bill's friend, Chris Naszodian. The guy on the left is with the boat, first mate Ryan. This was a record catch for a dolphin on that boat. That means biggest dolphin!!!! anyhow they had a true Fishing day in St. Croix! Wonder if they took all that dolphin home back to the States!
Visit our web site for more fishing stories: http://www.caribbeanrentalonthebeach.com/testimonials.htm
We love fishing.. just ran out of time! Next time and there will be a next time for sure

Scuba Diving our True Love in St. Croix

We really lucked out, our first week there was not 1 day that we could not dive. We dive with

N2 The Blue in Frederiksted , the shop is located on the beach a quarter mile north of the Frederiksted Pier. Coconuts is the bar/restaurant located on the same property. The shop is filled with all sorts of diving gear, t-shirts, hats, towels, and much more.

Diving in Florida is great too but the vis is so much better here, and the water so blue and clear. The turtles are friendly little creatures!

The N2 The Blue boat is the only 6 diver boat on St. Croix with a custom dive door to make it easy to get in and out of the water. This door allows you to sit right down on the water while getting suited up, and then you just roll forward into the water. It's that easy! I love going in a small group. I am not too keen on going out with 20 people diving. here are some fun pictures of what we see when we dive. The wall is gorgeous, I do not have pictures yet of that... but will add some day. I have never seen such large coral and sponge. And you never know what might appear from deep below on the wall.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jump Up - St. Croix's version of a Mardi Gras

Last night 5/2/2008 we went to Jump Up in Christiansted. (you know there are 2 main towns in St. Croix, Christiansted and Frederiksted). It is a big party downtown and St. Croix does it 4 times a year! I think our favorite is the Moko Jumbies of which I have pictures below. There are bands and music everywhere! Discounts at the stores, thus this is the night you want to shop for sure! Food stands with Chicken and Shrimp on a Stick and specialty drinks in coconuts, local cuisines. Check the St. Croix web site for dates if you are coming here and see if your vacation is during a 'Jump Up" because you will so enjoy it!

Horse back riding and swimming with our horses WOW!!!

Horseback riding and swimming with our horses was absolutely thrilling. Steve, Madeline and Brenna are just great and so patient. His horses are all so sweet! There is JB and Rue and Calabash and Yogi Bear and more... Our favorites are JB and Rue, they are our choices when we ride. The pictures of Mary with you feet only in view is planned. Rue is trained to throw you at a command. It is fun for all. She did it 3 times because it was just sooo much fun. After that we swam with our horses. just look at these pictures. Yes we will be adding more pictures to this part of our blog, for this is such an awesome experience. Steve will do whatever you want... if you want to just trail ride that is fine. However, if you want to trout, canter and gallop, you sure can! Mary said, swimming with Rue was like being a mermaid on a SEAHORSE with wings. Penney said the same and here are the pictures to prove it!!

Snorkeling on the beach

We love snorkeling right off our beach from the condo to the left we snorkeled yesterday and a Spotted Eagle Ray swam in front of us. He was gorgeous with a 5 foot wing span. The fish are pretty and there is an octopus that seems to hang around there too. Nothing like waking up and stepping out onto the beach from your bedroom. Ocean breeze is awesome! You can see more condo beach pictures here: http://www.caribbeanrentalonthebeach.com
Oh and there is now a 48 inch flat screen TV - WOW! and wireless internet! I don't know about you but I hope all I need to do on the internet while I am on vacation is print my boarding passes!!!! and you can see from our activities on this blog, not much time is spent watching TV or movies... you can do that at home!

Relief from Tax Season

It is May and we are finally here! this is where here is: http://www.caribbeanrentalonthebeach.com/
Boy did I need to get away! Can't wait for fun in the sun in St. Croix, USVI. It is time to Scuba Dive with N2 The Blue and horse back ride, snorkel dive from the condo beach and a cheeseburger in paradise! The Iron Man Triathalon Races start this Sunday. They run, ride bikes through the mountains and swim. They are amazing athletes and we love watching them.