Saturday, May 3, 2008

Horse back riding and swimming with our horses WOW!!!

Horseback riding and swimming with our horses was absolutely thrilling. Steve, Madeline and Brenna are just great and so patient. His horses are all so sweet! There is JB and Rue and Calabash and Yogi Bear and more... Our favorites are JB and Rue, they are our choices when we ride. The pictures of Mary with you feet only in view is planned. Rue is trained to throw you at a command. It is fun for all. She did it 3 times because it was just sooo much fun. After that we swam with our horses. just look at these pictures. Yes we will be adding more pictures to this part of our blog, for this is such an awesome experience. Steve will do whatever you want... if you want to just trail ride that is fine. However, if you want to trout, canter and gallop, you sure can! Mary said, swimming with Rue was like being a mermaid on a SEAHORSE with wings. Penney said the same and here are the pictures to prove it!!

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