Saturday, May 3, 2008

Snorkeling on the beach

We love snorkeling right off our beach from the condo to the left we snorkeled yesterday and a Spotted Eagle Ray swam in front of us. He was gorgeous with a 5 foot wing span. The fish are pretty and there is an octopus that seems to hang around there too. Nothing like waking up and stepping out onto the beach from your bedroom. Ocean breeze is awesome! You can see more condo beach pictures here:
Oh and there is now a 48 inch flat screen TV - WOW! and wireless internet! I don't know about you but I hope all I need to do on the internet while I am on vacation is print my boarding passes!!!! and you can see from our activities on this blog, not much time is spent watching TV or movies... you can do that at home!

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gerth said...

Howard, we had a great time, your place was exactly as described and it was great to come home to instead of a hotel room. We listened to Bill Bass a little in your condo and then when we got to the wedding he was playing - the kids thought that was cool. We really appreciate all the help you provided and the guest book also provided some good info that we used. I can't think of anything to recommend to you to change - it was probably the best vacation we have had (even though I am really not a beach guy). Thanks again